Product map workshop
Product map workshop

Product map workshop

It is important to look at every digital service as a product that drives value to users and customers and enables your organisation to achieve its goals. Because if it doesn’t, you should stop now. This workshop will do just that.

Why do this

  • You and/or somebody important have an idea for a digital service but you are not sure what building it would entail.
  • Lots of people in your organisation thinks you should build X but it’s not totally clear what X exactly is and how you would go about building it.
  • Your team has been talking about this digital service you want to build but nobody has the time to come up with a clear concept, success criteria and plan next steps.

What is the tangible outcome

  • a visual map of all the aspects of your new product with short descriptions
  • a list of the most critical (and more) assumptions about how it could be successful
  • a list of clear next steps to get data on the assumptions and see if building it would make good business sense
  • OR: the decision to scrap the idea and save a lot of money, energy and pain with an unsuccessful initiative.

What is the impact on my organisation

  • clear basis for decision on investment in the product
  • alignment in the workshop group on the above
  • create momentum in your organisation towards building the new product

What do we have to invest?

  • 6 hours of the 4-8 team members that have the most knowledge about and/or biggest interest in the new product
  • 1-2 hours of your time additionally for an initial brief
  • € 4.800 including basic research, workshop facilitation and documentation

How does it work?

  1. Initial briefing: we will have a 1:1 in which we get to know each other and you quickly lay out the challenge
  2. Research and prep: I will familiarise myself with your market context, plan and prepare the workshop
  3. Workshop: high intensity workshop with 4-8 team members in which we
    • create a map of all aspects of the idea
    • identify the most critical (unclear but impactful) assumptions
    • plan next steps to turn assumptions into knowledge to be able to start building
    • decide if you want to proceed with the project

I will actively facilitate the workshop, meaning: I will help you surface all your knowledge about the the situation but also use all my experience to help you come to a realistic view on the project.

Why this way?

I have used and iterated on this method more than a hundred times already and I have yet to come across a situation in which it has not helped bring clarity and momentum to the team in startups, SMBs, enterprises and business accelerators.